Part 106s – 1841 Baptism Great-Grandfather William James Smith

07 November 2009


Piece of advice if you have allergies and decide to chop up chili peppers for supper… use a double or triple thickness of Kleenex tissues. The heat from the oil of the chili peppers on your fingers does a number on your nose. I thought I was going to join the ranks of the Rudolphs in the North Pole this season. I certainly would not have to worry of frostbite.

And see what I said about the James Smith. It definitely is a repeated name in the history of my family.

My great-grandfather William James Smith was born the 15th of June 1841. His baptism was recorded in the Parish Register of the Anglican Church of Saint George, in the island of Grenada.

Found on microfilm FHL[1523656], Item 7 – Parish Registers, 1784-1971, Anglican Church, Parish of St. George (Grenada), and entry No. 590.

Sources: Parish of St. George, Anglican Church, Grenada 
and Family History Library

My transcription –

Baptism Solemnized in the Parish of Saint George in the Island of Grenada in the Year of Our Lord 1841

When Baptized – 1841 June 15th, No. 590
Name & Age – William James, born 8th May 1841
Parents Name
Christian, Surname – James Smith, Junr. and Cecilia Jane, his wife
Abode – Parish of St. George
Quality Trade or Profession – Master Carpenter
By Whom the Ceremony was performed – J.C. Barker, Rector
Comparing this entry from great-grandfather William James to that of great-grandaunt Mary, as indicated in Part 105s, you will note that it may be deduced that they were half-brother and sister. They may have the same father, gg-grandfather James Smith, Jr. but they definitely have different mothers; great-grandmother Cecilia Jane (née Thomas) Smith and Amelia Charles, respectively.

Enjoy, from the sneezing, burning nose,



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