Part 162c – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1752 Baptism – GGGGG-Grandfather Thomas Crossley

04 January 2010

Early morning,

And I really was going to go to bed. It is now 1:01 am and I just got back in from walking the dogs and taking some shirts out of the dryer. Man, its bloody cold! And it feels like there could be frost on the ground tomorrow at sunrise.

So I made the mistake and sat down at my PC and I pulled up a folder of Crossley images I had made from FHL [94026], Parish register transcripts, 1666-1812 of the Church of England, Parish Church of Todmorden (Yorkshire). I then opened up my GenoPro Crossley Descendant Chart of my Crossley line. And sure enough I found an image of an Index of Baptisms of 1752 listing an entry for, who I believe is ggggg-grandfather Thomas Crossley. (You can see his representation on the Crossley Descendant Chart in the left-hand green column.)

Transcribing –
[1752 (c)]
Thomas s. of Edmond & Elisebeth Crosley of Walsden 12 November
All-things-being-equal this possible transcribed Index could be referring to my ggggg-grandfather Thomas, son of Edmond (aka Edmund) and Elisebeth (aka Betty Butterworth). And as always, anything could change dependent upon the source and the reliability of the data and information.




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