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03 June 2010

I have been asked by a number as to why I am writing and continuing with this genealogy Blog and as to who is my intended audience. Believe it or not, I am the audience. That’s it. This is my work and my research and my functional journal pertaining to my genealogy, my ancestry, and my family tree. That’s one hell of a lot of “my’s”.

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I am not running for any political office. I am not putting fingers to keyboard for any employer. I am doing this Blog, A Genealogy Hunt for me. I am not working on a PhD program. This is my research. This is my search.

I am not offering any free stuff and of course, I am not expecting any type of payment, especially from myself. I am using Google’s Blogger which has been offered, most graciously to me free of charge. I like the fact that my work is accessible to me wherever and whenever I can log on to and access. I try to respect copyright work and not claim others’ creative work as my own.

My thoughts and my opinions are my own. And yes, I could argue that they also may be a culmination of the years of education and training that I have, and therefore not necessarily original. There is an element of egocentricity when I publish online.

I am not espousing any religion or sacred thought process. I am not proselytizing nor offering a “find-it-quick” or “this-is-the-easy-way-to-do-it” scheme. I am not advocating any specific certification or education methodology.

This is my obsession. Some persons have thought that I may be “long-winded” while others find that I do not provide enough. To me that is not an issue.

I am not in competition with anyone, but I do like, the fact that some independent groups are ranking my site. I was always the type of person that liked the “gold-stars” on my papers. I like to excel in that which I set my mind to work on.

I check the statistics attached to my Blogs on a regular basis. But I also remember that I am a numbers person. I note that the statistics and the rankings are dependent upon the creativity and workings of the agencies or persons who set their own standards and methods of tracking.

There have been positive and negative comments returned to me about A Genealogy Hunt. I even attempt to translate the Chinese ones. I know that my work has been downloaded and copied… and I accept that as a compliment, even when there are no thank-yous.

I will continue to do my search, my research and my composition as I see that I need. I invite emails and comments. I am always learning in the field of genealogy… and this is my thing.




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