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06 July 2010


Happy National Fried Chicken Day… Celebrate at your local deep-fry poultry establishment. (And yes I think the image is of a rooster.)

Who would have thought that I would have liked pork and beans without the chili-heat? Last night’s attempt was a version that was from an Indonesian recipe that included only three spices – salt and pepper, and freshly grated nutmeg. The ingredients included ground pork, red kidney and fava beans, shallots, onion, and garlic, celery and a slurry of corn powder for quick-thickening. My expected first reaction was that I wouldn’t like it. But hell, it was quite good. Had it on some steamed rice.

And I have now progressed into Item 6 of the microfilm FHL [1563380] in my quest for the origins and ancestry of my ggg-grandfather James Smith. This next Record does not appear to have anything to do with ggg-grandfather James. All things, in some sort of perspective, I've become to know a bit about the “Smiths of Jordanhill” from the many Indentures filed in the Grenada Registers of Records.

The next four images of Pages 148 through and including 151 seem to be the first part of two Records, Indentures. Also I’m sure that one may be able to cross-reference some of my previous Postings to this and the next Record. As there is no blatant exposure of ggg-grandfather James and family involvement, obviously I will leave that up to any reader who may be interested.

Here are the images –

And my transcription –


Entered 30th April 1832

This Indenture made the fourteenth day of November in the year of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty Between Robert Kirk and John
Todd both of the town of Saint George in the Island of Grenada Merchants and
Copartners of the one part and James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert
McCunn of the City of Glasgow in North Britain Merchants and Copartners



Of the other part Witnesseth that the said Robert Kirk and John Todd in
consideration of five shillings of lawful money of Great Britain to them in hand
paid by the said James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn at or before
the sealing and delivery of these presents (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged)
Have bargained and sold and by these presents Do bargain and sell unto the said
James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn their executors administrators and
assigns All those several Male and Female salves whose names ages and descriptions
are particularly mentioned expressed and contained in the Schedule thereof respectively
hereunto annexed or hereunder written and the present and future progeny issue and
every use of the females of the same slaves and also all and singular the horses mules
asses and cattle and other stock whether animate or inanimate which they the said
Robert Kirk and John Todd have or either of them hath put or placed upon a certain
plantation or estate called St. George situate in the parish of Saint George in the said
Island of Grenada and the rents services issues and profits of the same slaves and
stock and all the estate right title interest use trust property poʃseʃsion possibility
claim and demand whatsoever of them the said Robert Kirk and John Todd and
each of them of in to our of upon or concerning the same respectively To have and
To hold the said slaves stock and premises hereby bargained sold or mentioned
or intended so to be unto the said James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn
their executors administrators and assigns from the day next before the day of the date
of these presents for and during and unto the full end and term of one whole year
thence next ensuing and fully to be complete and ended Yielding and Paying
therefore the rent of one pepper corn at the expiration of the said term if the ______ _____
be lawfully demanded to the intent and purpose that by virtue of these presents and
of the statute for transferring uses into poʃseʃsion the said James Smith Archibald
Smith and Robert McCunn may be in the actual poʃseʃsion of the same premises
and may thereby be enabled to accept and take or grant _____ release of the freehold re
version and inheritance of the same premises to the said James Smith Archibald Smith
and Robert McCunn their heirs and assigns to the use? and for the intents and purposes
to be declared by another Indenture already prepared and intended to be dated the day
next after the day of the date hereof In witness whereof the said parties to these pres
ents have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year feasibly? as? these presents written?

--------- Schedule within referred to ---------

Francois54 YearsBlackCreoleNo marks
Louison51 yearsBlackAfricaNo marks
William4 yearsBlackCreoleNo marks
Benjamin1 ⅓ ”
Quamine9 ½ ”
Modeste16 ”
John Charles
John Charles15 ”
Thomas6 ½ ”
John Louis7 ½ ”
William15 ”
John Christophe10 ”
Gill8 ½ ”
Harry24 ”
John Francoise56 ” Lost his right Eye
John Vier24 ” No marks
Edward7 ”
John Baptiste25 ”
John Roire48 ”
Louis Charles28 ” Lost his right leg by amputation
George2 yrs 5 mths No marks
Ramsey5 Years
Alexan4 ”
Alfred2 mt 23 days
Betsey39 yearsBlackAfricanNo marks
Agnes17 ” Creole
Clariʃsa6 ” 5 mths
Charles14 years
Agar51 ” a Scar on the right elbow
Bridget24 ” CreoleNo marks
Rosalie20 ”
Jeanne12 ”
Monique6 ”
Constance41 ”
Elsea8 ½ ”
Adelaide41 years BlackCreole
Mary18 ”
Jenny59 ” AfricaCountry marks on forehead
Marianne24 ” CreoleNo marks
Martharine51 ”
Victoire43 ”
Cecile3 ”
Lear49 ”
Euphrosine1 yr 5 mt ”
Rennette1 ½ yr
Robert Kirk (LS) John Todd (LS) Jas Smith (LS)
Archd Smith (LS) Robt McCunn (LS)


Signed sealed and delivered by the said Robert Kirk and John Todd
in the presence of us the above name Louise being first erased?

Dacre R. Crake, Henry Otway

Signed sealed and delivered by the said James Smith ^Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn
in the presence of

Alex. Ranken, John Miller.
Stay tuned for the next corresponding Indenture in my Transcription Project.




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