Part 326s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Indenture Research – 1833 James and Archibald Smith, Again

31 July 2010


Per the Records in my Transcription Project there appears to be an abundance of contractual transactions happening between James and Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn and Henry Wharton Waddilove.

(Image: Self-portrait, Joseph Ducreux, 1783, The Getty)

In the search for any family ties, ancestry or genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith, at this point I seem to be pulling a number of blanks.

The next Indenture of the Grenada Registers of Records, as microfilmed on FHL [1563380] in Item 6 was entered 10 January 1833, examined and possibly transacted 4 January 1833. It also appears to be a preceding Indenture to the next Document that I am currently transcribing.

Here are the images of the pages 325, 326, and 327.

And my Transcription –


Entered 10 January 1833
This Indenture made this Fourth day of January in the Year of Our Lord One thousand
Eight hundred and thirty three Between Henry Wharton Waddilove of the Island of Grenada Esquire
of the one part and James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn Merchants and Copartners
carrying on busineʃs in the City of Glasgow in Scotland under the style or firm of James and Archibald
Smith and Co. of the other part Witneʃseth that the said Henry Wharton Waddilove for and in considera
tion of the sum of Five shillings Sterling money of Great Britain to him in hand well and truly paid
by the said James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn at or before the sealing and delivery
of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged Hath bargained and sold and by these
presents Doth bargain and sell unto the said James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn
their Executors Administrators and Aʃsigns All that plantation or estate called or know by the name of
the Union formerly of Thomas Townsend deceased situate in the Parish of Saint Mark in the said Island
of Grenada containing Four hundred and thirteen acres of land or thereabouts abutted and bounded as
follows that is to say towards the north partly by Duquesne Resource and Mount Pleasant Estates on
the East by Samaritan Estate on the South by lands belonging to Mount Craven Estate and on the West
partly by lands belonging to George Paterson and lands belonging to Mount Alexander Estate and an
estate called Bellevue belonging partly to Mount William and Industry Estates or howsoever otherwise
the same is abutted bounded known distinguished or described together with all meʃsuages houses buildings
sugar works edifices and erections thereon erected and built standing or being and all ways paths paʃsages
waters water courses trees woods underwoods canes? provisions and other growing things thereon mills stills still
heads worms boilers coolers cisterns vats ladles skimmers plantation tools and implements of planting and dead
stock whatsoever ^and all horse mules cattle oxen sheep and live stock whatsoever thereon or belonging to the same lights easements priviledges profits commodities advantages emolu
ments rights members hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever in the said plantation or estate land and
premises belonging or in any wise appertaining or therewith or with any part thereof used occupied or enjoyed
or accepted reputed deemed taken or known as part parcel or member thereof And also all those One hundred
and fifty nine Slaves whose names are particularly mentioned and set forth in the schedule hereto annexed
together with the future iʃsue and increase of the females of the said slaves and the reversion and reversions
remainder and remainders rents iʃsues and profits of all and singular the said plantation slaves and
premises To have and To hold the said plantation lot? piece or parcel of land meʃsuages buildings
and all and singular other the premises mentioned to be hereby bargained and sold with their and each and
every of their rights members and appurtenances unto the said James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert
McCunn their executors administrators and aʃsigns from the day next before the day of the date of these
presents for and during and until the full end and term of one whole year from thence next _____



And fully to be complete and ended Yielding and paying therefore at the end of the said term the rent of one
pepper corn unto the said Henry Wharton Waddilove and his heirs of the same shall be lawfully demanded to
the interest and purpose that by virtue of these presents and by force of the statute made for transferring and into?
poʃseʃsion they the said James Smith Archibald Smith and Robert McCunn may be in the actual poʃseʃsion
of the said lot piece or parcel of land meʃsuages buildings and premises mentioned to be hereby bargained and sold
and every part thereof with the appurtenances and thereby be enabled to accept and take _____ and release of
the Freehold reversion and inheritance thereof to them and their heirs and aʃsigns in and by another Indenture
intended to bear date the next after the day of the date hereof and to be made between the same persons as
are parties hereto In Witneʃs whereof the said Henry Wharton Waddilove hath hereunto set his hand and
seal the day and year first above written.

Henry Wharton Waddilove (LS)
Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of
Jno Dixon? Gilbert Owsley Rowley
Acknowledged before me by Henry Wharton Waddilove Esquire the Party executing the within Indenture
of Bargain and Sale or Lease for a Year as and for his free and voluntary Act and deed this ninth day of January
in the Year of Our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Thirty three.

Owlsey Rowley Reg.

Schedule of Slave referred to in and by the aforegoing Indenture
Abraham20 GregoireJosephNoel
AlexisHonoire40 Joseph KerPaddy
ArtistHoratioJulien 160 Peter
BernardHughJulien 2Pierre
5 CaesarIsaacJustinPolite
Caliste25 JackKingRichard 1
Croʃse?Jim Black45 Lofaret?Richard 2
CharlesJeromeLaurent65 Richmond
10 DenisJno BaptisteLouisSam
Diamond30 Jno CabreMcSweenSandy
EdwardJno Charles50 Magloire?Sandy Ker
Edward BishopJno Elley?Mark70 Simon
EttienneJohn JackMaurice 1Thomas
15 FrancoisJno JosephMaurice 2Touʃsaint
Frank35 Jno LouisModestWilliam
George 1John McLaurence?55 Ned Ker74 William Cameron
George 2Jno NoelNicholas
GingerJno PierreNoel

Adelaide 1Adelaide 2AgnesAlexandrine


5 AngelFrancietteMargaret KerPindar
BabyGlandineMariette70 Rosallie
BellaHannah50 Mary AnneRuffine
Betsy Ker30 GavotteMary CaryRose 1
10 Betsy TownsendJennyMary DominiqueRose 2
BibianneJane ClaireMary Emma 1Sally
Catherine 1Jane RoseMary Emma 275 Sally Ker
Catherine 2Jeanette55 Mary Gibson 1Sophia 1
Charlotte35 JeʃsyMary Gibson 2Sophia 2
15 ChristineJemene?Mary JaneSusanne
ClairJulianneMary MadlaineSusey
ChloeJenon?Mary Rose80 Theotiste
Closine?Kitty60 Mary ThereseTherese
Cumba40 LouiseMary TownsendToinette
20 DeliaLucyMoniqueTabeth 1
ElinoreMadlaineNanonTabeth 2
ElinerMadlaine KerPauline 185 Tetrine
ElizaMadlonette?65 Pauline 2
Fandrine?45 Margaret 1Peggy
25 FrancesMargaret 2Petrigie?
I’ll be back.




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