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12 September 2010


It is amazing once I clean my glasses what I can see. No wonder I have been walking around in one hell of a fog.

As I mentioned in my last Posting, Part 358s, the one about the appointment of cousin George William Smith to a Power of Attorney, I felt that I had need to examine the direction of my Indenture Transcription Project. I feel that it may be somewhat unlikely, though I shan’t rule it out, that if I continue working on documents that are further away, that is in years from the passing of ggg-grandfather James Smith, the search for the origins of ggg-grandfather James may not be noted as such.

Reexamining what I have accomplished in my Smith-related search and transcription project, I have almost completed the following microfilms of the Grenada Registers of Records. These include:

  • FHL [1563328] – 1797-1817, v. G2-R2; Items 1-8, 10-11. I have to reorder this microfilm to check and see if there are any Smith-related Documents in Item 9. Also, I made an error in copying a single page from Item 10.
  • FHL [1563329] – 1817-1837, v. R2-Z2; Items 1-8. I have just discovered Item 9 of this microfilm stashed in a folder in the reaches of my databases. I have targeted Item 9 next on my list in my Project.
  • FHL [1563330] – 1837-1881, v. Z2-G3; Items 1-2, 4-7. Item 1 is a continuation of Item 9 from the above-mentioned microfilm FHL [1563329]. I need to reorder this microfilm and review for Item 3.
  • FHL [1563380] – 1825-1834, v. H5-O5; Items 1-7. There are a number of Indentures in Items 4 and 6 which even though are Smith-related are not, I believe specific to my Smith Ancestry. These include a number of Documents that are inter-connected with the Smiths of Carriacou which I believe are not a branch, or maybe not even a limb, of my Family Tree.

I need to update my Matrixes of the microfilms that I have worked on. I also have to create a new Matrix for the microfilm FHL [1563330]. I will be uploading my copy of SmartDraw VP. It will take me a short bit of time as following my PC crash I have to go hunting to find where in the recesses of my backup databases my SmartDraw files are located.

Onward with the search. If anyone tells you that genealogy and the search for your ancestors and Family Tree is without some sweat and tears, make sure to ask them from what planet they hail.




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