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11 September 2010

Early Evening,

And yes I reflected on the final score of the UF and USF game. Oh well… Check out The Bull Gator for his comments.

I found the above delivery of Johan Pachelbel’s Canon in D, performed by the Voice of Music. Superb. I have always had a mind-and-heart-thing for this piece of music.

My search continues and at times turns up some “different” documents. This time I do not believe that there is any hint or clue to the genealogy and ancestry of ggg-grandfather James Smith, but I did have to check my current files just to make sure that I had not been following an incorrect path or branch. Smith is the common surname...

This next Indenture was written 1 February 1866, sworn and recorded 24 October 1866 and 6 November 1866, respectively. From my first conjecture there is no connection to ggg-grandfather James, but I could be wrong. The Record is the Last Will and Testament of one Reverend Thomas Smith, Roman Catholic Priest. It also includes reference to the LWT of the late Reverend Richard Patrick Smith of Trinidad.

Here are the two pages, 64 and 65, as downloaded from Item 6 of the Grenada Registers of Records and microfilm FHL [1563330].

And my transcription –

Entered 6th November 1866.
In the name of the Most Holy
Trinity, Father Son and Holy Ghost Amen.
This is the last Will and Testament of me
Thomas Smith in the Holy Orders of Priesthood being of a
sound and disposing mind memory and understanding and wishing to
place my temporal affairs in order do declare as follows – I name and
appoint as my Executors the Reverend Thomas O’Callaghan Parish
Priest of St. George’s and Ferdinand Marrast Esquire also of St. George’s
on the Island of Grenada. I devise my Executors the Reverend
Thomas O’Callaghan and Mr. Ferdinand Marrast to pay all my
lawful debts, and ten pounds for ma∫ses for the repose of my soul
and the residue of my personal property to be sold and the income
therefrom to be equally divided, as follows. One half of which to be
sent to Bartholomew Lynch and wife, if living, the other half to be
equally divided between Patrick Lynch and family Hugh Lynch
and family Ann Baylau and family and Bartholomew Lynch, Junior
and family. I devise all the real Estate of which I shall be seized and
possessed at my decease in the Island of Trinidad as surviving
Trustee under the Will of the most Reverend Richard Patrick Smith
late of the said Island Archbishop of Port of Spain deceased unto and
to the use of the most Reverend Louis Joachim Gonin Archbishop of
Port of Spain and of the Reverend Thomas O’Callaghan Parish Priest
of St. George’s Grenada and of Leon Louis O’Connor, Solicitor of the
Island of Trinidad and the survivors or survivor of them and the
heirs of such survivor and their and his assigns upon the _____ to
which the same may be subject. In Witness whereof I the said Thomas
Smith hereunto set and subscribe my hand in the town of St. George’s
this first day of February in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty six. Signed and delivered in the presence of us present at the
same time about the request of the said Thomas Smith and in the presence of each other?
have hereunto set our hands as Witnesses.
Thos. Smith


Witnesses –
Fr. Marie Albert T. Beon. P. Lespinasse
Grenada, In Ordinary
In the Estate of The Revd. Thomas Smith, deceased
I the Reverend Peter Lespinasse of the parish of
Saint John in Grenada Roman Catholic Priest make oath and say that
I was present together with the Reverend F. Marie Albert T. Beon Vicar
General of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Port of Spain and did
see the Reverend Thomas Smith late of the Parish of Saint David in
Grenada Roman Catholic Priest on or about the first day of February
now last past sign the paper writing hereunto annexed purporting to be
his last Will and Testament and at the request of the said Reverend
Thomas Smith I this deponent and the said Reverend Fr. Marie Albert
T. Beon did then and there subscribe our names as witnesses to the
execution of the said Will by the said Testator in his presence and in the
presence of each other being all present at the same time And that
the name or signature “Thos. Smith” set and subscribed to the said
Will is of the proper handwriting of the said Reverend Thomas Smith
And that the names or signatures “Fr. Marie Albert T. Beon” and
“P. Lespinasse” set and subscribed to the attestation at the foot of the
said Will as those of the Witnesses attesting the executor thereof by
the said Reverend Thomas Smith are of the respective proper handwriting
of the said Fr. Marie T. Beon and of me this deponent And I
further say that as the time the said Testator so executed his said Will
he was to the best of my judgment and belief of sound mind memory
and understanding And that the said Testator departed this life on or
about the twelfth day of October instant.
P. Lespinasse, P.P.
Sworn at Grenada by the deponent Peter Lespinasse this
twenty fourth day of October 1866
Before me
Edwin D. Baymes 
Admor of the Ct.? & Ordinary

Lay on, McDuff.




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