My Tangent - Out Damn Ghost!

05 October 2010

Good Afternoon,

Well here’s the story concerning my PC. The motherboard gave up the ghost.

From what I’ve read and sort of understand, a motherboard may hardly ever breakdown, but there are a number of forces that can cause one to do so. These forces coupled together, as in my case, include extreme power capacity, electric surges from a power source, and dust, and dog hair. There are a number of other issues that are minor, but can also add to the problem. Well it happened to me. Also a number of kicks in of extra power of the faulty external drive further impacted this situation. Solution - new motherboard, and I should be getting my desktop back soon.

I’ve been using my notebook for work on the 1836 Birth Registration of ggg-grandmother Catherine Cora (nee Merle) July. I am somewhat frustrated using only one monitor and a miss some of the software that I have on my desktop. But all in all it is working, just at a slower pace. Check out my next Posting.

And of course the delay is holding up my genealogy search and research for the origins of ggg-grandfather James Smith.




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