My Tangent – And Today I Ponder – Genealogy Resolutions

08 December 2010


This morning my head has been is some sort of cloud, trying to thaw out… and trying to decide what is it that I need to get done in my showground and the realm of research of my genealogy. And the 1924 Austin Cooper poster from the London Transport Museum may not have been talking about Florida, but it certainly is apropos to today’s weather.

Here are is my list set to type, which of course may turn into my New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Continue with the search and research of the origins of my ggg-grandfather James Smith from/to Grenada.
  2. Populate a database of microfilms and microfiche that I have reviewed.
  3. Find an iPad Application which will provide an extract of the data included in Number 2.
  4. Update my Legacy Family database.
  5. Update my Robertson Family Descendancy Chart to include cross-references to Robertson-related Postings.
  6. Gather and organize my Robertson Family details and documentation.
  7. Research and discover definitive ancestral lines of my ggg-grandmother Elizabeth (née Kendal) Parker.
  8. Try to learn and understand the theory and pathing of my mtDNA results of H1a1: Smith to Robertson to Goodey to Crossley to Parker to Kendal to ?
  9. Understand the scope of which results in two 64-to-67 yDNA marker matches. My User ID is CJY7M.
  10. Continue and organize my research of my July Family line, into Sarlat, Dordogne, France.
  11. Solve the mystery of gggg-grandparents Joseph and Sarah (née Pudney) Goodey.
  12. Resolve the Robertson/Raymond conundrum.
  13. Commit myself to the development of the viable A Genealogy Hunt website.
  14. Commit myself to complete at least 5 of my 22 remaining National Institute For Genealogical Studies courses. I have already completed 32.
  15. Plus...




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