My Tangent - Happy 4th Day of Christmas - Two Genealogy Resolutions Completed

28 December 2010

Good Afternoon and Happy 4th Day of Christmas.

Four Calling Birds, Three French Hens, Two Turtle Doves, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree. That’s $1,011.96 for Day 4 of Christmas gifts. Certainly an expenditure to help the economic turn-around. The true lover must have certainly appreciated his or her true love... but nothing to my pocket.

I have been working very slowly on my genealogy research over these past couple of days. But I did accomplish two of my Genealogy Resolutions: Number 2 – To populate a database of microfilms and microfiche that I have reviewed; and Number 3 – To find an iPad Application which will provide an extract of the data in Number 2. And hurrah, two completed before January 1, 2011. (You can check out my other resolutions at My Tangent – And Today I Ponder – Genealogy Resolutions.)

The database is built in MS Access. To date I have entered 251 microfilms and microfiche rentals that I have used in the progress of research. This is only a portion of my records. The surnames of research included in the database are: Abraham, Brunhammer, Crossley, Gavalas, Goodey, July, McCullogh, McKowen, Olton, Parker, Prestwidge, Redhead, Robertson, Roy, Scott, and Smith. This list does not include the variations and multiple spellings that I have encountered of the surnames.

The countries included in the database: Grenada, Scotland, France, Barbados, Jamaica, England, French Guiana, Sénégal, Bahamas, Greece, Wales, St. Vincent, Canada, and the United States. Provinces in Canada include: Nova Scotia, and Quebec. The States of the USA are: Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey. Please note that these are locations specific to my genealogy work with the FHL microfilms and microfiche only.

Number 3 – Done. I am now able to remotely connect my iPad directly to my PC and desktop. Using the application iTeleport I can actually pull up MS Access, and all other software as are resident on my PC, and I am able to see, review, and use any software, database, or document. This is a great tool that further allows me the freedom of not having to lug around reams of paper and binders or ensure that I have a compatible application working on my iPad.

I am having a hell of a time trying to commit myself to the latest and greatest document in my sequence from the Grenada Registers of Records. This individual Record has six pages and I have completed transcribing two. The writing is extremely small and it does take time. I have to just hunker down and forge forward with my commitment to myself and just get to work transcribing.

Work continues on my 12 other Genealogy Resolutions. Onward and upward.



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