Part 440s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1797 – The Logie Smith Mystery Continues

21 January 2011

Good Afternoon,

I think I may have solved a part of a mystery... well, a mystery to me. This is all from the due course of my search and research for the origins and genealogy of my ggg-grandfather James Smith.

In Part 178s I introduced a James Smith, a Weaver from Logie in the County of Perth in Scotland. Long story short, he was, in December of 1797 searching for the Estates of his departed brother William Smith and of his son James Smith. Both, it appeared had been Merchants in Grenada.

Yesterday, going through some of my filed images, I discovered a Burial Registration dated January 1797. It is the burial record of one, Mr. William Smith, Merchant, who was buried on 2 December 1796.

Here is the image of the page 255 of the Parish of St. George Register from Item 2 of the microfilm FHL [1523656].

This part of the Parish Register, 1784 to 1804, was transcribed by John Randolph Bertrand and Wilfred Jones-Bateman and was declared on 13 March 1903. Here is my transcription of the transcription.


1491 Mr. William Smith, Merchant; was buried on the 2nd day of Decbr. 1796

signed Thos. May
Rector of St. Andrew & St. David

All-things-being-equal, this Burial Registration could be an entry referencing the brother William Smith of the Weaver James Smith of Logie, Scotland. Here are the sequence of events in what I believe is date order.

  1. 2 December 1796 – Burial of William Smith, Merchant in Grenada
  2. January 1797 – Entry of Burial Registration in Saint George Parish Register
  3. 26 December 1797 – Contractual appointment of George Wilson Power of Attorney by James Smith, Weaver, of Logie Scotland and brother of William Smith
  4. 26 December 1797 – Written mention of search for the Estates of William Smith and of James Smith, brother and son, respectively, of James Smith, Weaver of Logie, Scotland
  5. 7 June 1803 – Entry of 26 December 1797 contract and Indenture to Grenada Registers of Records

I did also find a detached and disconnected Register entry, which based on the clear-cut information entered, may or may not suffice for the burial registration of the son of James Smith the Weaver of Logie, Scotland.

Downloaded from Item 2 of the microfilm FHL [1523656] here is Page 210.

As you can read from my transcription there is not much in the text to hang-a-hat-on, so-to-speak.

1218 _____ Smith, was buried in St. George’s _____ on the
18th day of September 1795

signed Thos. May
Rector of St. Andrew & St. David

All I can say is that there are three clear facts that could “possibly and cogently” tie this entry to the son, James Smith, of James Smith the Weaver of Logie, Scotland. The facts are:

  1. Location – Grenada
  2. Surname – Smith
  3. Date of burial – 18 September 1795 which occurred prior to the date of James Smith the Weaver’s Power of Attorney Contract, 26 December 1797

And at this point I rest my case... for now. Ponder a bit and let me know your thoughts.




Lorna Gaywood said...

Sounds interesting Jim ... you might be onto something here! Lorna. x

Jim Smith on January 21, 2011 at 5:41 PM said...

I'm looking for that iota of a hint that just may eliminate the gap... which at times seems like a chasm.

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