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01 August 2011


It has been somewhat busy around this house today. And the afternoon thunderstorms have come and gone.

My Parker Project continues. Today I thought I would present my work sheet of the preliminary research of the genealogy of my Parker family line. Here is my work sheet. All information is from the Parish Registers for Downham, which include both Baptisms and Marriages.

As you can see the Work Sheet is a recreation of those Baptism and Marriages Registrations that I have been able to find in Downham Chapelry in the Parish of Whalley. As always these could change.

Also, I thought I would enlist your help, and especially your eyesight.

Downham is a Chapelry in the Parish of Whalley. The microfilm of the Registers is FHL [1278942]. The inserted image of the page titled “October Baptisms” includes two entries of two baptisms for 6th April 1788.

Here are my transcriptions. I am not sure if the surname reads Parker or Tasker. Both surnames were local to the area. William Parker would have been my ggg-grandfather. See my Parker Descendant Chart, in the drop down menu under the label heading Robertson.



6th William Son of William & Agnes Parker/Tasker of Lawley
6th William Son of John & Mary Parker/Tasker of _____ within Lawley

If you have any thoughts and/or ideas, please either contact me via email or comment directly to this Post.




Randy Seaver on August 2, 2011 at 1:03 AM said...


I was unable to draw any conclusions about the two items.

The first letter of the surname could be F, P, S or T. I think it looks most like a T. It also looks like the S in sophia at the top of the page.

The third letter does not look like the sixth letter - the sixth is probably an "r" or an "s" but I have no clue what the third letter is, a "w" or "r" or "n". The second letter may be an "a" or "o"

Sorry I can't help more - I played wityh it in my photo program and the line through the first item sure doesn't help!

Have you shown this on the message boards for the County or for paleography? You might get some experts interested.

Has this parish register been transcribed by the Old Parish Clerks site for the county?

Cheers -- Randy

Jim Smith on August 2, 2011 at 7:16 AM said...

Randy, Thank you. I really appreciate your assistance. I do know about the the previous transcriptions by the Old Parish Clerks and I do have to get a copy of the same.

And when it rains it pours... I just received emails regarding my Abraham Australia/Japan connection and a possible Smith YDNA-111 match.


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