Part 551tw - Smith Robertson Genealogy - 1769 Marriage - John Tasker and Mary Whittaker

09 August 2011


And when it rains it pours. Oh yes, I just forgot that I do live in Florida, and we are in the monsoon season… but that’s not the news. I am not complaining about the humidity that continues to create an opaque sheen on all my windows, that my claustrophobic attributes and foibles take a hold of me. I am talking about my research and the possible discovery of my maternal mtDNA Family Line and ancestors.

Did you know that Sawley is only about 2.9 miles, about 4.6 kilometers from Downham?

All-things-being-equal, it appears that this new search in my Parker Project will continue until I can nail down that exact truth of genealogical documentation that will prove the direct relationships between the Kendals and the Taskers.

Following the discovery of the 1777 Baptism Registration entry of Isabella Tasker, daughter of John and Mary Tasker of Sawley, I was able to discover a 1769 Marriage Registration of John Tasker and Mary Whittaker. Page 142 of production of The Register of the Parish Church of St. Leonard, Downham.

Here an image of Page 142, downloaded from the microfiche FHL[6142708].

My transcription –

Page 142 1769 May 11 John & Mary x Whittaker [Whiteacre], b.o. Exp. S. Wit: Robt Calverly, Thos: Dawson

Taking into account the abbreviations –

May 11 John and Mary x (he she marks) Whittaker [Whiteacre], b.o. (both of (the)) Exp. S. (Extraparochial parish or township or monastery of Sawley) Wit: (witness(es)) Robt Calverly, Thos: Dawson

And of course I have updated my Kendalls, Parkers, & Taskers Downham, Lancashire, England Ancestry Work Sheet.

And if this is correct, John and Mary (née Whittaker) Tasker may have been my ggggg-grandparents.




Randy Seaver on August 10, 2011 at 11:17 AM said...


It's been fun watching you add information to your family tree and to your charts.

I really like the ofrmat of your descendants charts - there is lots of information there in a logical format. How do you create them? Are you using a genealogy program, a graphics program, or a spreadsheet? I imagine that you've explained this before...

Thanks -- randy

Jim Smith on August 10, 2011 at 11:47 AM said...

Randy, As I am a visual personal it was either a whiteboard or a ton of paper. I found GenoPro ( a couple of years ago that is a genealogy software but it allows me the freedom to manipulate the visual data. Having been using it since 2004/2006. It has some "psychological" relationship factors that are fun but I don't use those functions. I also like their support.

I also use SmartDraw VP for more formal-type presentations. Just my preference.


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