Part 602b – Brunhammer Genealogy – 1922 Burial – GG-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer

05 November 2011

Good Day,

And a search has ended. GG-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer’s final resting place has at last been found.

Thank you Diane in Pennsylvania for your tremendous sleuthing, for your effort, and for the images and documents.

According to the 1920 United States Federal Census on the 27th of January, in Philadelphia City, in the County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, gg-grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhamer aka Brunhammer was boarding at the home of the widow Victoria Sauer and her daughter Laura E. The home was at 1679 North 56th Street. Also in the house were the boarders Charles Custer, Joseph McMichael, and Mr. and Mrs. James J. and Anna O’Donnell. Three of the six occupants Victoria, Charles, and Mary all spoke French. The three other persons spoke only English. GG-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer is enumerated as a widow and she is listed as 79 years old.

GG-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) Brunhammer passed away on 11 December 1922. A Requiem Mass was held at St. Gregory’s Church in Philadelphia.

On Thursday, 14 December 1922, gg-grandmother Mary was laid to rest at Arlington Cemetery in the Silverbrook Section. Arlington Cemetery is bounded by State Road, Landsdowne Avenue, School Lane, and Shadeland Avenue in Drexel Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

GG-Grandmother Mary shares the grave site #833 and #833 ½ with five other persons including Victoria Sauer, with whom she had been living with in Philadelphia. At present we do not know what if any family relationship there may have been between gg-grandmother Mary and Victoria Sauer. The grave site is marked and the exact location is maintained in the Arlington Cemetery Archives.

The following are pertinent documents and records obtained from the files of Arlington Cemetery.

GG-Grandmother Mary (née Marie Katz) and her husband gg-grandfather Jacob (née Jacques) Brunhammer emigrated from France to the United States in 1876 and 1875, respectively. She arrived, with six of her 14 children at the Port of Philadelphia aboard the steamship Amerique. (See Part 92b.)

All Brunhammers and Brunhamers in the United States that we have discovered to date are descended from gg-grandparents Jacques and Marie (née Katz) Brunhammer.

Thank you Diane.




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