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10 June 2012

Good Day,

Yes, I am obsessed with genealogy... and quilting. But I do have a couple other likes that from time-to-time bide my time.

Today was the third time in a couple of weeks that I set myself back to another one of my long-lost loves; baking.

Who'd'a thought that running a bakery that many years ago would necessarily put me back into the mood to start again? But first, let me explain, I'm not starting a bakery... I'm just doing the baking. I think that there is also the sticker shock after I purchased some baked goods at a specialty coffee and goodies shop.

And I've started off with muffins.

The first batch - Banana, sour cream, and toasted walnuts. Didn't have enough sour cream so I substituted half required with yogurt. Not a bad result, and they didn't last long out of the oven.

The next dozen was Cranberry and orange. But this one doesn't count. This was from a box off the shelf. I was being a bit lazy and thinking that everything would be pre-measured and in easy plastic compartments if I used a box/package. I definitely wanted to see and taste if there was a real difference between homemade and packaged goods. Damn right there's a difference... But I am confused, why did the package mix instructions only state that the resulting batter would make 11 regular-sized muffins?

My next homemade batch was a mixture of cornmeal, flour, bacon, green onions, and three types of cheeses: Asiago, white cheddar, and mozzarella. These were terrific, and you can tell that "Chopped" is definitely having a lasting effect on my approach to cooking.

Today's experiment was blueberry, sugar, and grated lime peel. The recipe called for lemon peel, but I only have a key-lime tree in the back-yard. A blueberry sugar reduction was made to swirl into the batter of each muffin. Also a mixture of sugar and lime peel was mixed and sprinkled on top. Fresh out of the oven, only half a dozen left.

And yes, the above image of six lime-sugared blueberry muffins are the ones out of my oven.

And here's to fairly good baked goods.

Now I will focus on A Genealogy Hunt on my Mystery of the genealogy and life of ggg-grandfather Brayton C. Placeway. Also, got to work on the next new Quilt SB designs.




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