Part 851pg – Smith Groh Genealogy – 1817 Marriage 6-Times Great-Grandfather Michel Parisé and Louise Grenier – Paspébiac, Bonaventure, Québec, Canada

31 March 2013

Good Day,

This week I’ve been working, in my research of the genealogy of the Parisé Family Line and Ancestry, on the 1817 Marriage of CKs 6-times great-grandfather Michel Parisé. This was gggggg-grandfather Michel’s second marriage after the passing of gggggg-grandmother Rosalie (née Roussey) Parisé. His second wife was Louise Grenier.

Both gggggg-grandfather Michel Parisé and his second wife Louise Grenier were a widower and widow, respectively, at the time of their 18 April 1818 marriage. Louise Grenier’s previous husband was Isaac Huart. As you can see the surnames Grenier and Huart (aka Huard) are once again appearing within the Parisé Family Line. At times it gets extremely confusing when I’m trying to ensure that I have the correct ancestors in the correct generation, especially in light of the fact that there are a number of grandfathers who were named Michel Parisé.

I lucked out in being able to find both Registers’ entries for the 1817 Marriage Registration of 6-times great-grandfather Michel Parisé and his wife Louise Grenier. Both are included in The Drouin Collection and both are digitized images available through One entry is listed and indexed under the name of Michel Parisé, the other under the name Michel Poirier.

The two Registers are the 1817 Carleton Parish and the 1771 to 1811 St. Bonaventure County Registers.

My attempted transcription -



Paspébiac 6 M
Michel Parisé
Louise Grenier

Le vingt huit Avril mil huit cent dix sept vu la publication de trois
bans de marriage au Prône de notre messe paroissiale entre
Michel Parisé veuf de Rosalie Roussi de la paroisse de Paspébiac
d’une part, et Louis Grenier, veuve d’Isaac Huart de la même
paroisse d’autre part, ne l’étant trouvé aucun autre empé
chement au dit marriage que celui de quatrième degree d’affinité
dont les parties ont été dispencées par nous suivant qu’il a
plu à Monsigneur L’Évèque de Québec de nous y autho
riser en verta de pouvoir qu’il lu a reçu du St Siege jusqu’a ré
vocation par un _____ de vingt neuf Mars mil huit cent
huit, et attendu que l’épouse n’est point été marie, ou que si elle
L’a été, elle ne soit point en la persusance du ravisseur? Nous Prêtre
Missionnaire avons reçu leur mutuel consentement de marriage
en presence de Jean Chapeaudeau pere de Benons Chapeaudeau,
d’Hubert Parisé parents de L’époux, de Joseph Benjamin et Pierre
Loyselle qui n’ont sousigner ainsi que les nouveaux Epoux
De ce signer.

Henri? Demers Ptre.

My attempted translation -



6 M
Michel Parisé
Louise Grenier

On the 28th of April, one thousand eight hundred and seventeen, saw the publication of three banns of marriage, to Advocates at our parish mass, between Michel Parisé, widower of Rosalie Roussi, of the parish of Paspébiac, on one hand, and Louise Grenier, widow of Isaac Huart of the same parish, on the other hand, not having found no other impediment to the said marriage, that of the fourth degree of affinity which the parties were given by us following that the Monsignor the Bishop of Quebec has pleased, we authorized _____ into power, he read and received St. Siege until revoked by a _____ of 29 March one thousand eight hundred and eight, and whereas the wife is not been married, or if she was, it is the point of the _____, We in pursuance the Missionary priest have received their mutual consent of marriage in the presence of Jean Chapeaudeau, father of Benons Chapeaudeau, Hubert Parise's the husband's parents, Joseph Benjamin Pierre Loyselle, who and the new husband have signed, Three words between on line Bans

Henri? Demers Ptre.

And the research continues, and gets more and more complicated.

Stay tuned for my update to the Parisé Descendant Chart.

Please feel free to comment and ask any question regarding my search of the Parisé Family line.




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