Part 68r - This Time: Great-Grandaunt Agnes Robertson

20 September 2009

Good Afternoon,

You can see that I am currently intrigued with the name Agnes. I just spent time with grandaunt Agnes Harriett (née Robertson) Davies in Part 67r.

As I began this research into the life of my next great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson, my work for the posting just kept getting longer and longer... and so I decided to present it in smaller segments, sort of like a serial. You're most welcome to follow along, and please, if you have any ideas, questions, comments, or even treasures please share them with me.

And of course the Agnes in this one's pea-brain that comes to mind is Agnes Moorehead, Bewitched's Endora.

Wouldn't you believe it? I just discovered this morning that Agnes Moorehead's middle name was Robertson! There has to be something truly mystical about this genealogy thing. Just too, too many coincidences...

And the reason that I'm, at this moment, stuck on the name Agnes?

Well, it's like this. From the records I've collected to date, grandaunt Agnes Harriett (née Robertson) Davies was great-grandparents Alexander Pirie and Elizabeth Charlotte (née Merrifield) Robertson's second daughter... Great-grandfather Alexander, second eldest sister was Agnes Robertson. Great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson was actually his half-sister by her father, gg-grandfather John and his first wife Margaret Ann (neé Donnison) Robertson. Gg-grandfather John's mother's name was Agnes (née Miller). And I'll stop there, before it gets anymore confusing. (Check out the Robertson Descendant Chart in the left-hand column.)

This posting is dedicated to great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson...

From FreeBMD I found the following page, to the right, highlighting an Agnes Robertson who was born in the 1st Quarter 1841 in Tynemouth. And from it I was able to get ahold of the correct Birth Registration.

Reading from her 1841 Birth Registration, that I received from the GRO, great-grandaunt Agnes was born at Milburn Place, North Shields in Tynemouth, Northumberland.

My transcription --
Certified Copy Of An Entry of Birth Given At The General Register Office
Application Number PAS 800234

Registration District Tynemouth
1841 Birth in the Sub-district of North Shields in the County of

No. - 307
When and where born - Sixteenth of March at Milburn Place, North Shields
Name, if any - Agnes
Sex - Girl
Name and surname of father - John Robertson
Name, surname and maiden name of mother - Margaret Robertson formerly Donnison

Occupation of father - Founder

Signature, description and residence of informant - John Robertson Father Milburn Place
When registered - Nineteenth of March 1841
Signature of registrar - P.J. Tibbs Registrar
Name entered after registration - -

The A Marker on the inset map below, just about marks the spot, give or take a few miles or kilometers of her birth location. (Thanks Google Maps.) And using WolframAlpha, the distance between Tampa, Florida, where I live, and Tynemouth, England where great-grandaunt Agnes was born is about 4,319 miles or 6,951 km... (That is, 8 hours, direct, by plane)

The inserted picture below, is one I discovered at one time online which was indicated as circa 1925 of Milburn Place in North Shields in Northumberland.

And I've stated on numerous occasions, one should never stop looking. I just got a lead to a baptismal entry that may be that of great-grandaunt Agnes. Both parents, the date and place of birth correspond. I need now to get the microfilm FHL[1068908]; Parish registers of Christ Church, 1607-1941, Church of England, Tynemouth, Northumberland.

And stay-tuned to the continuing life story of great-grandaunt Agnes Robertson.




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