My Tangent – 1hr and 33mins – Diamond Crowns – mtDNA Results: Smith, Robertson, Goodey, Crossley, Parker, Kendal

09 November 2009


Well the scope of your visits to my Blog has increased to an average now of one hour and 33 minutes a day. Not bad for a Podunk site about genealogy and quilts. And believe it or not I’m enjoying this. I’m almost up to my self-imposed goal of 20 postings a week. This past week I posted 16 times in my four categories: Smith/Robertson Genealogy; Brunhammer/Doherty Genealogy; Quilts; and My Tangent. And this is number two for today.

And I’m back from the dentist. New temporary crown… and I almost decided to have it modeled in gold with a diamond stud affixed. If I’m gonna go on the 21st of December 2012 then I’m taking it all with me. And no, I’m not going crazy. I followed that route a number of years ago.

I responded to four possible matches to my mtDNA or mitochondrial DNA results of the Full Genomic Sequence testing. Who knows if I’ll hear any response? I do know that at least two of the four have reported that their maternal ancestry is either England or the United Kingdom. Same as mine.

I mentioned earlier that I was beginning my mtDNA searching. Quoting from Family Tree DNA, “Mitochondria are present in all human cells and contain their own DNA. Both males and females have this mtDNA, but only females pass it on to their offspring. Therefore, mtDNA is passed from mother to daughter along the female line without any influence from fathers.

The chart below illustrates how mtDNA is inherited from each grandparent. The two entries in black represent mtDNA from outside the maternal lines displayed here – in this case, the uncle’s spouse.

Using the Chart, I am the “Brother” with the purple mt which I received from my mother, who got hers from her mother, and so on back up the Line. In other words, me, Jim Smith received my mtDNA from my mother, Robertson, who received hers from her mother Madge Goodey, who received it from her mother Mary Alice Crossley, and then Elizabeth Parker, and then Elizabeth Kendal. (For the sake of expediency, I have not included their married or spouses surnames.)

You can also see from the Chart that the Father, in the center with the green mt, my father F.K.L. Smith did not pass his mtDNA, which he got from his mother, my grandmother Jeanne Lucie Ernestine (née Abraham) Smith Mann. The mtDNA is only passed through my maternal line. I do not pass it on to my offspring. They would have received their mtDNA from their mother. And you can figure out who would get from whom…

And now I understand this portion… It’s the next portion of the results that I may be somewhat in the clouds, and most probably in a low-lying fog.

The results are:
  1. Haplogroup – H1a1
  2. HVR1 differences from CRS – 16162G; 16209C; 16519C
  3. HVR2 difference from CRS – 73G; 263G; 315.1C
  4. CR differences from CRS – 750G; 1438G; 3010A; 4639C; 4769G; 6365C; 8860G; 10993A; 15326G

As I’ve thrown a lot at you right now, and I myself am in the process of digesting the information, I’ll include some more definitions and details in follow-up postings. If you think and would like to know if you have similar corresponding mtDNA, please email me.

Enjoy, and please don’t let your brain explode.



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