My Tangent – Iditarod Dogs – My Genealogy Expectations

12 November 2009


And I have dogs that now think that they are pygmy goats. I wrote about getting pygmy goats and the need to control the kudzu vines in the yard, so they must have taken it to heart. The only thing is that they are not eating the kudzu vines.

They’re munching on the other type of plant that I planted a number of years back. I think everyone did. It's the type that grows tall and has pink and white and purple flowers and will take over a garden if you let it alone… That’s what they’re munching, or should I say grazing on. And the Rat Terriers, Tinker and Bella must have convinced Taylor, the chocolate Lab, that there is something good about the leaves of that specific plant, because she’s doing the same. Tobi, the yellow Lab just stares and sniffs at them in disbelief. So I now have dogs who think they are otters, cats, and pygmy goats... and critics.

So now, in the throes of the beginning of the holiday season, I’ve decided to train the Rat Terriers to pull a sleigh… a miniature sleigh that is… and maybe enter them into the Iditarod, or at least send them up to the North Pole. And Taylor’s wanting to know if I’m serious, cause she’ll help lick the stamps.

This morning I’ve decided to update my thoughts and expectations that I set out on October 30… I completed a full 10 and two-halves of the 18 that I had listed. I have made progress, and at least thought about the other six. So here’s a new updated list of my thoughts and expectations for the next couple of weeks.
  1. Research - GG-Grandfather James Smith’s generation and documentation
  2. Research – Check to see if I have Baptism entries for gg-granduncle George Smith; gg-grandaunts Sophia (née Smith) Ventour and Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele
  3. Research - Check to see if I have Baptism entries for gg-granduncle George Smith; gg-grandaunts Sophia (née Smith) Ventour and Mary Ann (née Smith) Steele
  4. Research – Complete review of Cayenne microfilms
  5. Research – Continue review of July microfilms
  6. Research – Finish transcription and translation of GG-Grandfather Jacques Brunhammer’s Birth Registration
  7. DNA – Respond to latest work and effort regarding YDNA Smith-Seymour – Ht35A2 links
  8. DNA – Understand my Smith/Robertson H mtDNA Project involvement and results
  9. DNA – Receive Brunhammer/Doherty mtDNA results
  10. Genealogy – Continue with organization of Smith/Robertson documentation into Clooz
  11. Genealogy – Continue with new Brunhammer The Master Genealogist database
  12. Genealogy – Complete GenoPro Descendant Charts for Scott, Abraham, and Crossley
  13. Genealogy – Complete GenoPro Descendant Charts for Pierce, Sheridan, Holmes, and Gallagher
  14. Genealogy – Complete GenoPro Descendant Charts for Buccino, Lewis, and Roy
  15. Web Site – Begin a Dreamweaver learning program. Check out
  16. Web Site – Read The Quick-and-Easy Web Site by Paula Peters
  17. Web Site – Design initial menu screen
  18. Blog – Discover ways to increase traffic
  19. Quilts – Post 3 new Antique blends quilts
  20. Quilts – Begin second stages of Turkish Mosaic and Klimt designs
  21. Reading – Spend some time sorting through books in house, and find a couple to relax and read.
I think I need to do this just to make sure that I have something to do.




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