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15 May 2010


And no I have not stopped with my Transcription Project. At this point I have been absorbed in the transcription of a Record that includes the sale of a number of Estates in Grenada. I am still working on the genealogy and ancestry search for hints and clues of my ggg-grandfather James’ family tree.

But in the meantime, Grey has obviously introduced Mrs. Grey to the Rats. I was interrupted by a tremendous brou-ha-ha this morning. When I looked up from my keyboard I say both Tinker and Bella dancing about on their two back legs, jigging up and down and a howling at the Greys scurrying about at the top of the 12-foot white Bird of Paradise plant in the back yard. It appears that Grey and the Mrs. had found something of nutritional value in the white blossoms of the Bird of Paradise. And the Rats were howling to beat the band. And I just went back to my work, after yelling out, “You’re gonna fall in the pool!”

The next thing I heard was a tremendous splash, and sure enough Bella had danced in her frenzy, straight into the pool. I quickly rushed out to see this 12-pound Rat, dog-paddling of-course, to one of the rafts. We trained her well. She bounded off the raft unto the deck, quickly shakes herself off, and the next thing I know she’s prancing off to focus her determination at the Greys. And I thought I saw Mrs. Grey just shake her head with as “Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

Such is the saga of the Rats and the Greys. And there they go again.

To date the works continue… The years include the mid- to late 1820s and there are pages of entries and Schedules. The Schedules include listings of the names, ages, and countries of origin of slaves included in the transactions.

My work includes apart from transcribing the information but trying to insure a reasonable and readable layout. The html coding that I have to include for presentation is amazing, but it has more than tripled the amount of time that I must take on the work. And this Document is long, very long.





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