Part 320s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – 1832 Benjamin and Sophia (née) Smith Ventour

14 July 2010


In my search for the origins or any hint of relationships of ggg-grandfather James Smith I was able to cross-reference the Indenture of Part 319s to the 31 December 1832 Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies. This Document is available from The National Archives of the UK via After a review I was able to discover a further corroboration. The information provided pertains to gg-granduncle Benjamin Ventour husband to gg-grandaunt Sophia (née Smith) daughter of ggg-grandfather James Smith.

(Image: A Scholar by Rembrandt, 1631. Hermitage, St. Petersburg)

This document, albeit an accounting summary, indicates that Benjamin Ventour decreased his slave holdings “By Sale to O. Rowley Esq.” There is no mention in the accounting of the name James Smith within the body of the paperwork. My limited understanding of the legalities of contract law leaves me with the question “Why was ggg-grandfather James Smith included as one of the parties in the Indenture dated 27 October 1832?

Here are the images, Pages 358, 359, and 360 of the Slave Registers.

My transcription -

Annual Return of the Increase and Decrease of Slaves
belonging to Benj. Ventour in the Parish of Saint
George for the Year 1832

No. 81Increase
NamesAgeColourCountryHow AcquiredConspicuous MarksMother’s nameRemarksMalesFemales
Henrietta1 MonthMulatreʃsGrenadaBy BirthNoneAdelle/
Increase by birth/
Increase by otherwise
Total Increase/
NamesAgeColourCountryManner of death or how disposedConspicuous Marks RemarksMalesFemales
Joachim43 YrsBlackCarriacouBy Sale to O. Rowley Esq.None/
Germain60 ”A Toe of the left Foot Cut off/
Joseph39 ”None/
Jim35 ”African/
William25 ”Carriacou/
Julien23 ”/
Michel19 ”/
Glasgow27 ”/
Jeremy22 ”Mulatto/
Ian17 ”Black/
Alexander18 ”/
Philip13 ”/
Charles12 ½ ”Grenada/
Robert11 ½ ”/
Henry9 ½ ”/
Benjamin9 ”/
Walter8 ”/

Samuel6 ½ ”/
Ben5 ½ ”/
Thomas5 ”/
Davy3 ½ ”/
Frederick2 ½ ”/
Mary Noel31 ”Carriacou/
Mary Rose45 ”/
Madelaine13 ”Mulatreʃs/
Louise74 ”Black/
Mary Ann 2d 33 ”/
Scholastique38 ”/
Margaret35 ”/
Mary32 ”/
Pracilla24 ”/
Francoise22 ”/
Louisa17 ”/
Felicity22 ”/
Auguster31 ”Mulatreʃs/
Mary Ann 1st39 ”/
Mary Catherine44 ”/
Augusta16 ”/
Judith14 YearsMulatreʃsCarriacouBy Sale to O. Rowley Esq.None/
Zamoe95 YearsBlackAfricanCountry Marks/
Pirene35 ”CarriacouNone/
Mary Nett33 ”/
Susannah12 ”Grenada/
Elsey4 ½ ”/
Stratonice9 ½ ”/
Charlotte10 ”/
Angelique7 ½ ”/
Hannah7 ½ ”/
Rosey11 ”/
Betsey6 ½ ”/
Lavinea6 ½ ”/


Sophy4 ”/
Cecil14 Mos/
Louisa18 Mos/
Honorie29 YrsBlackCarriacou_____ ______ _____ /

George Macewan

Decrease by death/
Seven Males & Eleven femalesDecrease by Sale or otherwise2232
upon the 31st December 1832Total Decrease2332
Benj: VentourIncrease1
16th May 1833No of Slaves per last Return3042

And now to continue with the second part of the Indenture. All-things-being-equal there may be some clues as to both the inclusion of ggg-grandfather James Smith and of further possible ancestry and familial relationships.

My apologies for not perfectly lining up the columns of information in my transcriptions, but working with Google Blogger, HTML, and Word 2010 together sometimes can be a challenge.

And Lorna, thanks for the additional insight.




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