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08 October 2010


I have been asked the question as to what software applications and tools I am currently using to work on the copies of the images that I present in my Postings. There are quite a number and there could be more. Off the top of my head I can think of a few that I will use when I am working on and preparing an image for transcription, translation, and presentation. This is certainly not an all-inclusive list, nor does it include those software and applications that I use for my actual genealogy work. That’s another different list.

These are the software and applications that I used in the processing of the images of my Posting in Part 381m.

They include:
  • Irfanview – To capture and edit an image from microfilm

  • SnagIt – To capture an online image

  • FotoFinish – To crop and clean the exposure of the image

  • CorelDraw X5 – To work with and to add the highlights to the image

  • Word 2010 – To write and prepare my posting

  • Google Documents – To work on a rough draft of my transcription and translation

  • Google Translate – To attempt the translation of the documentation from French to English

  • Google and Bing – To search for similar phrases that may assist me with the transcription and translation

  • MS Picture Manager – To file the images

  • Google Blogger – To present my work online
I am always trying new types and ways to read and work with the document images. I am always open to other software and applications but as you can see it does take a wee bit of effort and time to work and prepare the document images. Also, please note that I have not put my above list in any specific order. I would definitely like to hear suggestions and comments.




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