Part 408s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smith Indenture Study – 1818 James Smith and Mary Ann Doret

12 November 2010


And who’d a believe that my next Document in my research of the origins of his genealogy and ancestry of ggg-grandfather James Smith provides a “clear” association with ggg-grandmother Mary Ann Doret?

The date of the Indenture as written is 27 February 1818 and as entered to the Grenada Registers of Records 13 October 1818. This is, of course, 14 years prior to their recorded marriage of 11 December 1832. (See Part 62s.)

This Indenture, the first part of the Record, appears to be a purchase of property, by ggg-grandfather James Smith, in the Town of Saint George. The 810 square feet of land is recorded as bounded by Gore and Halifax Streets, to the north and west, respectively. It is neighbored to the south by lands owned late by Robert Napier and to the east by lands owned by ggg-grandmother Mary Ann Doret. And the lease for one year to ggg-grandfather James is one Pepper Corn.

The inserted 2010 map, from Bing, is a satellite view of the approximate area of the concerned properties. I have attempted to indicate and note that area referred to by the Indenture. Also note to the right of my inserted graphics a view of the roofless St. George’s Anglican Church where the family attended and of who’s Parish Registers have provided much information and documentation. Hurricane Ivan severely damaged the Church on 7 September 2004.

Here is the downloaded image of Page 450 from the Item 5 of the microfilm FHL [1563379].

My transcription –

Entered 13th October 1818
This Indenture made the Twenty Seventh Day of February One thousand
Eight hundred and Eighteen between Judique Dunn of the Town of Saint George in the Island
of Grenada aforesaid free Black woman of the one part and James Smith of the Parish of Saint
George in the same Island Mill Carpenter of the other part witne∫seth that the said Judith Dunn
in consideration of Five shillings Current money of Grenada to her in hand paid by the said James
Smith before the sealing and delivery of these presents (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged)
hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto the said James Smith
his Executors Administrators and A∫signs All that Lot piece of Parcel of Land Situate and being in
the Town of Saint George in the said Island of Grenada containing in front Twenty seven feet
and in depth Thirty feet and bounded on the North by Gore Street on the West by Halifax Street on
the South by lands late of Robert Napier and on the East by Lands of Mary Ann Doret or howsoever
otherwise bounded and being and all erections thereon all ways eaters Liberties Easements and
Priviledges thereto belonging or usually enjoyed therewith and the reversion and reversions remainder and
remainders Rents I∫sues and Profits thereof with their and every of their Appurtenances To have and
To hold the said Lot Piece or Parcel of Land and all and singular the Premises above mentioned unto
the said James Smith his Executors Administrators and A∫signs from the day next before the Day of
the date hereof for and during the full end and term of one whole Year therein next ensuring
Yielding and paying therefore at the End of the said term One Pepper Corn if lawfully demanded
to the intent and purpose that by virtue of these presents and of the statute for transferring Uses
into Po∫se∫sion the said James Smith may be in the actual Po∫se∫sion of the premises and
thereby be enabled to accept and take or Grant and release of the Freehold and Inheritance thereof
by Indenture intended to bear date this day next after the Day of the Date of these presents
In Witne∫s whereof the party first named hath hereto set her hand and Seal the Day
and Year first above written –
_____ Mark
of + Judith (LS) Dunn +
Signed Sealed and Delivered }
In the presence of us }
L. Vonweiller - Anthony Lompris

The next Record is the second part of this Indenture… and I keep searching.




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