Part 485s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smiths of Nottingham – New Descendant Chart – George Smith – Part D

03 April 2011


The fifth brother is George Smith, and here is the 4th Chart: John Smith of Nottingham – Descendant Chart – Part D. This is number four of the series of five that I have drafted.

This George Smith was most definitely pre-occupied with other commitments and didn't want additional responsibilities to take away from his family. The "?" in the Descendant Chart represent those of his children which were not identified in the text.

Abel Smith’s fifth son, George, resided at Selsdon, Surrey, being Member for Wendover, 1806-30, and subsequently for Midhurst. He married Frances Maria, daughter of Sir John Mosely, Bart. It appears that he was offered a baronetcy, but in consequence of having a large family of fifteen children did not consider himself justified in accepting that honour.

(The History of a Banking House, Harry Tucker Easton; London; 1903. Pages 23-24.)

Please note that the source of my data and information is Easton’s The History of a Banking House… and various other websites, including Wikipedia.

Brother John, Charts Part E, will follow.




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