Part 486s – Smith Robertson Genealogy – Smiths of Nottingham – New Descendant Chart – John Smith – Part E

04 April 2011


As I have written, it appears that at times the search for one’s genealogy is a process of elimination. Allegorically the exercise can be likened to the effort of “plucking petals of a flower”.

“Not my Smith, not my Smith… maybe my Smith, not my Smith.” And I just keep on searching.

The 6th son, John Smith is the topic of this posting. As with his five elder brothers I have created a Descendant Chart based on my data and information from Easton’s The History of a Banking House… and various other websites, including Wikipedia.

Here is the 5th Chart: John Smith of Nottingham – Descendant Chart – Part E.

This is my last Descendant Chart of this specific Smith Family… for now. There does not seem to be any immediate connection or lead thereof from the gathered data and information to ggg-grandfather James Smith.

I will now continue with the Indenture transcription work.




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