Part 698d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1874 Birth and Baptism – Great-Grandaunt Fannie Annie Doherty – Wilmington, Delaware

28 May 2012

Good day, and once again a meaningful Memorial Day,

One key to Genealogy Research is organization… and boy do I need, at times, a good dose of organization.

The next of the Doherty great-grandaunts and great-granduncles that I have been able to locate is reference to the 1875 Baptism Registration of great-grandaunt Fannie Annie Doherty… The copy of the page of the St. Paul’s Register of Baptism is fairly hard to read and decipher as it is extremely dark. In my work of capturing the image I had to cut and paste a couple of images in order to produce a reasonable and somewhat legible copy.

Initially I was looking for a registration at St. Paul’s Church in Wilmington of one Frances Doherty, but to no avail. The one I did find, and whose parents are listed as “Phil. Dougherty & Margt”, is one for a “Fannie Annie”. According to the Baptism Register document great-grandaunt Fannie Annie was born 20 December 1874 and baptized on either the 5th or 15th of January 1875.

Downloaded from the St. Paul’s Register from Item 5 of the microfilm FHL [1788084], here is my reconstructed image.

My transcription, as best as I can read –


Register of Baptisms

1874 & 5

Date – Jan 5th or 15th
Name of Child – Fannie Annie
Lawful Child of – Phil. Dougherty & Margt
Born – Dec 20 (1874)
Sponsors – Jas Kelly? ? ?
Name of Priest – M. Fallon?

All-things-being-equal, great-grandaunt Fannie Annie Doherty is the same person as great-grandaunt Frances Doherty. What appears to be coincidental, at this point in my research is the finding of the Death Record of the Fannie Doherty who did live at 731 Madison Street and died on 24 May 1895. (See Part 696d.)

In 1874 and 1875 gg-grandparents Philip and Margaret (née Doherty) Doherty, with their children, including their newborn daughter, Fannie Annie all lived at 731 Madison Street in Wilmington. Was great-grandaunt Fannie Annie named for the elder Fannie Doherty? Perhaps?

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