Part 699d – Brunhammer Doherty Genealogy – 1876 Birth and Baptism – Great-Grandaunt Mary Agnes Doherty – Wilmington, Delaware

29 May 2012

Good Day,

Not even June 1st and we're in the throes of a great soaking from Beryl, number 2 on the radar scope. Methinks that NOAA may have to adjust the start of the Hurricane season to mid-May versus the current June 1. The powers that be should set the new schedule for 2013, that is if the Mayans allow us to see a new year.

And I just continue my genealogy trek into the Doherty (aka Dougherty) Famly Line.

The next child of gg-grandparents Philip and Margaret (nee Doherty) Doherty is great-grandaunt Mary Agnes. She is number 9 of the possible 10 or 11 children.

From the St. Paul's Register of Baptisms and from Item 5 of the microfilm FHL [1788084], above is my best copy of the Baptism Register image.

And my transcription -


Register of Baptisms


Date - Aug 13
Name of Child - Mary Agnes
Lawful Child of - Philip Dougherty & Margt
Born - 4 Aug (1876)
Sponsors - Jas Kane? & ? Dougherty
Name of Priest - M. Farrow

And now I sally forth... Two possibly three more Doherty Baptism Registrations to find.

I certainly welcome your comments, ideas, thoughts, and questions.




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