Part 940sh - GGG-Grandmother Eliza Hall

11 May 2019

Good day,

I’ve begun a journey in the search of information regarding my GGG-Grandmother Eliza Hall. She and GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott were the parents of my GG-Grandfather, the Reverend Alexander Scott.

I have found a Baptism Registration for one Eliza Hall whose parents were Ann Bishe and Harry (aka Henry) J. Hall. Eliza Hall’s baptism occurred in Kingston, Jamaica on 17 March 1804. Included in the registration is her birth date of 30 June 1802.

1804 March 27 Baptism Registration
Eliza Hall, Kingston, Jamaica
FHL 1291763, Image 74 of 228

As GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott’s birth date is recorded as 16 March 1802 on his Baptism Registration dated 12 April 1802, it is safe to say that these two individuals were pretty close in age.

GG-Grandfather, the Reverend Alexander Scott’s Baptism Registration dated 30 July 1833 indicates his birth date as 17 August 1830 in the Parish of St. Andrew, County of Surrey, in Jamaica. His parents are entered as “Alex Reid Scott & Eliza Hall”. In most cases, if the parents are married, the entry could have read as “Alex Reid Scott & Eliza his wife”. This is not a fast rule, but it is something to think about.

In 1846 GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott married Eliza Miller. See Part 939ss - 1846 GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott Marries Eliza Miller.

Here's some food for thought, and for your ideas.

1. Eliza Hall, according to the required Slave Ownership Accounting instituted between 1812 and 1834, owned slaves.

2. The 1829 Accounting form, Eliza Hall's signature is witnessed by H. I. Hall.

3. The 1832 Accounting form, Eliza Hall's signature is witnessed by Alex R. Scott.

4. 1804 Baptism Registration for Eliza, her parents Henry/Harry i/J Hall and Anne Bishe. Her birth 1802. See 1st document above.

5. 1833 Baptism Registration for GG-Grandfather Alexander Scott, parents Alexander Reid Scott and Eliza Hall. See Part 932ss – 1833 Baptism GG-Grandfather Reverend Alexander S. M. Scott.

What do you think? Who's connected to who, and how?

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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