Part 956ss - Am I Related to Sir Walter Scott?

22 June 2019

Good Morning,

Yesterday I spent my research time, hoping that I may “stumble” across a connection and to source, what some people have in their online family trees, to Sir Walter Scott.

Not sure whether I did.

Sir Walter Scott was born in the Edinburgh area in 1771. He became a lawyer and a famous writer.

GGG-Granduncle Cumberland Reid Scott, GGG-Grandfather Alexander Reid Scott’s younger brother was born in 1805. He was born in the Edinburgh area.

GGG-Granduncle Cumberland was noted as a writer. In the 1830s an Act was passed in Jamaica appointing him as a lawyer.

GGG-Granduncle Cumberland had 2 wives: Isabella Ferme in Edinburgh and Elizabeth Dunn in Jamaica. At this point I have not determined whether Isabella passed away or whether she was separated from Cumberland.

One of his 2 sons with Isabella, George survived infancy. The 3 children he had with Elizabeth all died in infancy.

I was able to follow George and his marriage to Jane Graham. Together they had 6 children, all 2nd cousins. Two passed away in infancy. The other 4 all reached adulthood; all of them passed away being single. I am not sure whether the 4 had any children.

This is the first time that I am really at a loss. I was hoping that I may be able to “find” a distant cousin of GGG-Granduncle Cumberland who may have had some information about a possible connection to Sir Walter Scott.

As GGG-Granduncle Cumberland Reid Scott is the 13th child of GGGG-Great-Grandparents James and Anne (née Reid) Scott, guess I’ll have to follow another Scott line.

The search continues.  And I just keep on going.

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