Part 307o – Olton Genealogy – The Mystery of Manfred Percival Olton Begins To Unravel

04 July 2010

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening,

Consistency of search, with a definite shade of determination certainly is the form in taking up the challenge of genealogy. Once again all thanks to Bernard for locating three key documents of the life of Manfred Percival Olton. His descendants most definitely thank you.

These documents, from two newspapers from British Guiana (now Guyana) – The Daily Argosy and The Daily Chronicle, and one from Barbados – The Barbados Globe from August 1913 provided detailed accounts of the passing of Manfred Percival Olton.

Per The Daily Chronicle M.P. Olton was born in Kingston, Georgetown, British Guiana circa 1849. His father’s and a brother’s names, J.C. Olton and Charles Montague Olton, respectively, are entered to the Obituary. His three wives are mentioned; Miss Chandler, Miss Laundry, and Miss Mundy. Also included in the article, as one of his contemporaries, is the name of great-granduncle E.A.V. Abraham. It is amazing what one can find and the leads that are presented.

The following is an update of the Manfred Percival Olton Time Line. (For previous references see Parts 201o and 270o.)

Again thanks to Bernard here are images of the three clippings.




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