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08 November 2012

Good Day,

The search and research continues into the genealogy and origin of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza.

As I presented in Part 793p Vina Parisaya, who married Fred Wallnitz, was registered in 1902 as the daughter of Timothy Parisaya and Catherine Borrow. Based on the uncited information and data provided on the Pariza Family Tree as found on, see Part 792p, I understand that it was possible that Timothy and Katherine (née Grenier) Pariza could have been ggg-grandfather Leo’s parents based on the relationship to their son, ggg-granduncle John Clinton Pariza. I have already discovered that the surname Pariza was an alias for Parisaya. (See Part 782p.)

The two sets of names, Timothy Parisaya and Catherine Borrow, and, Timothy Pariza and Katherine Grenier, from both sources, definitely allow for a logical conclusion that these couples may be one and the same.

As a tangent, I am currently investigating a collateral line in order to realize and discover information regarding the actual blood line. From the Glossary of a Collateral Line is a line of descent connecting persons who share a common ancestor, but are related through an aunt, uncle, cousin, nephew, etc. And from a Collateral Ancestor is an ancestor not in the direct line of ascent, but of the same ancestral family.

All-things-being-equal, and based on a possible assumption, Vina (nee Parisaya) Wallnitz may have been CK's ggg-grandaunt. On this assumption, which may change based on new and more data and information that I may find over the course of my search and research, I may discover key information that may lead me further into the genealogy of ggg-grandfather Leo Pariza, aka Parisaya.

My next discovery was that of a 1920 US Census for Marinette City, Wisconsin which enumerates the Wallnitz Family. Included are Fred Wallnitz, his wife Alvina, and their son Ward. All else the same, Fred and Alvina Wallnitz are the same two people indicated in the 1902 Marriage Register - Fred Wallnitz and Vina Parisaya.

Here is the image of the page of the 1920 US Census highlighting the Wallnitz Family.

Here is my Clooz Report CUSWI000012 -

The search continues and now I have a number of new names to add to the list of "to look fors": Vina Parisaya, Vina Pariza, Alvina (nee Parisaya) Wallritz. Can I prove that Vina aka Alvina is ggg-grandfather Leo's relative, and maybe even sister?

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