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26 November 2012

Good Day,

This morning I am catching up with my genealogy entries to my Clooz 3 database. Having walked and settled down The Pack I now have to turn myself to organizing where I have been and my next steps to the genealogy of the Parisé Family Line.

A review of the current addition to the Parisé Family Descendant Chart is now necessary. The 1867 Marriage Registration of CK’s gggg-grandparents Timothée and Catherine (née Grenier) Parisé is in place. I am still working on the transcription and translation. (See Part 800gp.)

The enigmatic puzzle of gggg-grandfather Timothée’s 1865 Marriage to his first wife, Julienne Chapados, and her youthful passing has been solved. Also the untimely decease of his first infant son, ggg-granduncle Louis Ligroi Parisé is now presented. And from gggg-grandfather Timothée’s two Marriage Registrations, respectively 1865 and 1867, I have been able to determine gggg-grandfather’s parents 5-times great-grandparents Michel Barthelemy and Marie Therèse (née Duguay) Parisé.

Please Note: All information on this Descendant Chart is based on current and available information. It may change as new and more correct data is discovered.

Key - The added letters and numbers to the next to a name in the Descendant Chart, for example, C-P85p, can be used to locate an image of some of the documents as they appears in A Genealogy Hunt; ; B = Birth; C = Baptism/Christening; M = Marriage; D = Death or Burial; W = Will; I = Item of Interest; 85p = Part 85p. The small letter “p” represents a surname; in this example p = Parisé.

New and updated data may be entered in red. A red or blue and yellow symbol represents the actual blood line. The symbols for collateral relationships, that is, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, etc. are not filled with color.

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, and thoughts please feel free to contact me.

And now I continue… Enjoy,


@ 2009-2012, Jim Smith


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