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14 November 2014

Good Day,

I began a new work project to chart the OPR – Old Parochial Registers from East Lothian, Scotland. All-things-being-equal this project could, may, lead me to the connection of my Robertson 4-times great-grandparents and their ancestors, my 5-times and 6-times great-grandparents.  I have started with the Parishes of Innerwick and Oldhamstocks.

My challenge and goal is to plot all possible Robertson candidates, whether father, mother, or child who have documented baptism/christening registrations in the OPRs.

Based on the indexed and summary work as found on FreeREG, I have calculated that there may be approximately 1,721 possible Robertson-associated baptism records that I can use. (Please check FreeREG’s Purpose for explanation of their great work.)  Microfilms of the Parish registers are available through the Family History Library.

Today I charted 69, or 4% of the recorded baptisms. I am currently concentrating on the Parish Churches of Innerwick and Oldhamstocks. I think I have a job ahead of me.

To date I have been able to trace my 4-times great-grandparents John and Christian (née Dudgeon) to the Parish of Oldhamstocks.

We also have the current results of our Robertson Y-DNA - R-U106 (R1b1a2a1a1a), as tested through Family Tree DNA. (Thanks G.) Hopefully there are possible Robertsons out there somewhere on this small planet that may be able to identify their ancestors and/or match to our current Y-DNA results.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas, thoughts, questions, and comments. Email me at A Genealogy Hunt.




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