Part 890bm – Brunhammer McAteer Genealogy – GG-Grandfather Edward McAteer – Will, June 29, 1888

10 February 2015

Good Day,

Today a tremendous find.

I just found and received the Will and Inventory and Appraisement for Andy Brunhammer's great-great-grandfather Edward McAteer. The dates are June 29 and November 17, 1888, respectively.

With the documents also included is the December 3, 1889 First and Final Settlement of his estate.

GG-Grandfather Edward McAteer’s Will –

This is my transcription of gg-grandfather Edward’s Will –

C.F. Thomas & Co.,
Wilmington, Del.

Wilmington, State of Delaware,
Twenty third day of March 1888, A.D. Eighteen
hundred and Eighty Eight:

I Edward McAteer, resident of Wilmington
hundred, New Castle County, State of Delaware, being
sick in body, but healthy in mind, and believing that
soon I will meet my Creator, do by this my last will
bequeath and leave all my real and personal estate ^to my
wife Ellen McAteer, and I name her my only ad-
ministrator and executor, without she being bound to
give any security.

This is my last will; and I have signed it in
the presence of Witnesses. –

Edward ^his X McAteer (Seal)


(Seal) John Hamilton Jr.
(Seal) James Monaghan S/June/21

I will follow in my next posts on A Genealogy Hunt with the

1. Inventory and Appraisement. Estate Of Edward McAteer, Deceased. – Filed November 17, 1888, and

2. First & Final Settlement of Edward McAteer’s Estate – December 3, 1889

Source: Family History Library - Microfile Number: 2188323; Item Number RG-2545; Individual Name: Edward McAteer; Record Title: Probate - RG-2545; Event Type: D; Event Date: 1888-1889; Event Place: Wilmington, Delaware; Volume Number: Series 001

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