My Tangent – Have You Ever Had? – And Lincoln Inn

12 February 2010


This is Florida. I'm seeing Pink Snow. This is supposed to be the Sunshine State. This is the place where you are supposed put on shorts and walk around barefoot. And it snowed. BS! I’m moving to anywhere on the Equator. Please address everything to me care of where it is bloody warm!

And have you ever had a day where you’re doing laundry and you find that you’ve put white socks, accidently in with the burgundy towels, and then you take the now-pink socks out and put them in a load with bleach so as to make the pink return to white… and then you are looking for the one burgundy wash cloth that that isn’t in the dryer and has hidden in with the white bleached load and is now a beautiful shade of pinky-purple. That’s the type of day I’m having.

And it is bloody damn cold!!!

I’m very intrigued at the reference of “Lincoln Inn” in a number of the Documents that I have been transcribing in my genealogy and ancestry search of ggg-grandfather James Smith. What is it? And where is it? See Part 197s and Part 199s.

I then decided to do a Google search on the phrase “Henry Bridgwater Grenada” especially since Henry Bridgwater’s name has appeared in Part 200s and my most recent Part 205s. And through Google Books I found on line “The Records Of The Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, Vol. I. Admissions From A.D. 1420 to A.D. 1799”, published at Lincoln’s Inn, 1896. Was I surprised; Henry Bridgwater and the Lincoln Inn.

And then to Wikipedia, Lincoln's Inn. I’m always learning.

And now to sit down and watch the Opening Ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics.




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