Part 422j – Smith Robertson Genealogy – July Marriage Index – Sainte-Marie de Sarlat – Hace frío

13 December 2010


The Florida sun is shining. The Florida skies are blue. From my seat at my PC it looks like another gorgeous Florida day in the sunshine. Friggin’ wrong! It’s bloody cold… and that’s with a capital “C” and capital “D” – ColD!!! This is not the tourist mecca of sandy beaches and lapping waves of warm bliss. It’s the land of granular snow and hyperthermatic aqua, with a Spanish accent. Hace frío!!! If the damn weather forecasters can make up words like “radiational cooling”, I can make up my own, as in “hyperthermatic aqua”. And I even have a definition, all scientific and such. “Hyperthermatic aqua” is that tone of blue one’s lips turn just before they turn purple. (The inserted image is of some Florida locals at Clearwater beach.)

Returning to my genealogy quest to find my ancestors on the branches and limbs and my Family Tree, I thought that I should present the page of the Index of Marriages from which I have found at least two indications of marriage registrations of my July connections. This image of the Index page is downloaded from Item 2 of the microfilm FHL [1415457].

The image is from the “Registres parissiaux de Sainte-Marie de Sarlat (Dordogne), 1618-1791”. From my understanding this collection may cover Indexes of marriage registrations from the year 1644 to 1791, and not necessarily in consecutive sequence. Some years are missing in the Index.

In my attempt to search for any marriage records of my July Family Line, I have tried to ferret out each entry, albeit acte de marriage, that may have some inkling of a name that may resemble the name July. You will notice that on the inserted image of the Index page there are three entries. Based on my research and collected documentation I can provide some semblance of credibility to the possibility that at least two of the marriage entries are affiliated to my July Family Line. The two that are definite possibilities, and I have presented, as previous Postings: Parts 418j; 419j; 420j; and 421j, are the two marked with a red “X”. They are, transcribed:

Pierre Julie et Marguerite ----- 11 7bre 1731, and

Pierre Jully et Magdelaine Vaurigeau } tous _____ _____ ----- 23 8bre 1753

The 3rd and the unknown entry is, transcribed:

Jacques Julie et Jeanne Taverne? tous _____ _____ ----- 13 avril 1711

All-things-being-equal Jacques Julie could be a relative but I have not found any immediate evidence at this time to prove the case. Based on the dates of the entries Jacques Julie and Jeanne Taverne? could have been the generation preceding gggggg grand-father Pierre Julie of the 1731 marriage entry.

Just my thoughts. And I continue.



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